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January 2006

The Quarterly bulletin of Education for Ministry Canada
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From the Director’s Corner

First, let me thank all of you have supported me with your prayers, notes and general encouragement while I’ve been going through my latest round of surgery. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been living with cancer since July 2002, when I had emergency surgery in Prince Rupert, and have had three subsequent operations since. I am now on my second round of chemotherapy in the hope that I will receive a longer-term remission.

I have to say I have received the best of care, and have been blessed with swift recuperation, so have not been slowed down too much by “Mr. C.” I am also immensely grateful for the work Sheila does. It is she who carries the bulk of the load, and provides the cheerful and helpful support so many of you experience. I would be remiss not to mention the mentors, diocesan co-ordinators and trainers who animate the various groups – and all the students who bring such a variety of gifts, and dedication to the program. Some of you have also written to thank me for my responses to your group reports and individual evaluation forms. I do read them all, and try to respond with more than a form letter – not least because we pay attention to what you say and write, using your comments as suggestions for improving the program.

So thank you all for the many ways you keep in touch with us. Though spread across the country, we try to ensure that efm-canada embodies the personal values which mark a community characterised by mutual respect, care for one another, and theological reflection on what it is to be authentically human.

Blessings to you in 2006 in your various vocations and ministries.

Peace be with you.
Peter Davison

From the Executive Coordinator’s Desk

Best wishes for the New Year!

Currently the EFM Canada program has 483 active students in 58 groups being led by 75 mentors across Canada. The groups are in 12 sponsoring dioceses and 2 non-sponsoring dioceses.

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Mulgrew

Congratulations to Lorraine Deans of Castlegar, BC in the Diocese of Kootenay who graduated from EFM Canada in December, 2005!

Special “thank yous” to Penelope Black (BC) and Jan Harris (Qu’Appelle) who have retired as EFM Diocesan Coordinators – we truly appreciate all the work you did for EFM Canada!


Archbishop Stewart Payne

Archbishop Stewart Payne has graciously consented to be the Patron of the efm canada bursary fund. A long-time promoter of efm, he has filled the roles of mentor and trainer, and continues to be active in the efm network. We thank him for lending his name and his enthusiasm to this project. Thank you to those who have generously donated!

If you wish to donate to the fund, please make cheques or money orders payable to the Diocese of Kootenay Memo: EFM-Canada Bursary Fund. Thanks to our diocesan office accounts manager, Official Income Tax Receipts will be issued for your donation.


October 14 – 16, 2005
Diocese of BC
Combined Training
Trainer: Norman Knowles
Coordinator: Penelope Black

Basic Trainees: Caroline Hoon and Katherine Kelly.

Trainees: Mary Alford, Mike Lourim, Eileen Nurse, and Dorothy Stewart.

October 14 – 16, 2005
Diocese of BC
Formation Event: Spirituality of Mentoring
Trainer: Chris Ross
Coordinator: Penelope Black

Trainees: Janet Billinghurst, Penelope Black, Sr. Valerie Clarke,SSJD, Joan Clement, Elizabeth Fussell and Elizabeth Logan

Our congratulations and our thanks to these people, and to all who dedicate their time and talents to the mentoring and training functions of efm-canada.


Please click on the link to see the training events for EFM-Canada Training Events


The efm-canada website offers suggestions about easily accessible and downloadable materials that can meet a number of your group’s needs. Please note the new website address www.efmcanada.ca


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