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Links for Trainers

The EfM programme revolves around the weekly seminar sessions, led by a trained Mentor. Mentors must be certified by an EfM Trainer. The Canadian programme has seven Trainers who train all of our Mentors. They represent all areas of this country and travel a great deal in order to carry out their responsibilites.

Meet the trainers:

BC Flag      Chris Ross
     Annette Cowan
     Cathy Hall
     Kelowna, B.C.
     Armstrong, B.C.
     Nanaimo, B.C.

Ontario Flag      Pat Martin
   Lynne Dillabough
       Almonte, Ontario
       Brockville, Ontario

Quebec Flag      Tim Smart             Montreal, Quebec

The Canadian Trainers met again on our mountain at the Seton House of Prayer, Retreat Centre in July of 2019 for our Bi-annual advanced Training of Trainers. This time we made Canadian history when we trained our own new trainer for the Canadian network. Two American trainers, one of whom was a Staff Trainer, joined us for the week and we were really delighted to share cross border practices and insights. We had a marvelous time learning new techniques and having a chance to refresh our work on past practices. There were many insights, much laughter and at the end of the week we were tired, exilerated, full of new ideas and renewed for whatever experiences the next training sessions might bring.

Thanks to Chris and Kevin our staff trainers, and to all the participants who made it such a great week.

Picture of Trainers in July 2019

The Trainers at the Training of Trainers, Seton House of Prayer, July of 2019

From left to right, back row:
Norman Knowles, Mary Ann Spina, Pat Martin, Kevin Goodman, Lynn Dillabough

From left to right, front row:
Christine Ross, Annette Cowan, Cathie Hall, Tim Smart


Please note that all the links listed will open into a new browser page. You need only close the new page in order to return to the EfM Canada website.

Community Building
This site is a concise explanation of Scott Peck's Theory of Community Building.

Community Building Simplified
This is an simple form of Scott Peck's four stages of Community Building.

Critical Thinking
Here is a site with information on Critical Thinking, for those Trainers who wish to use some of this information for Mentor trainings.

Exercises for Group Sessions
An excellent site to icebreakers, team building exercises, and trust building activities

Group Dynamics Resources
The site has discussion papers, exercises and other helpful information about Group Dynamics.

Non Verbal Communication/Body Language
A resource for trainers who want to do some work on non-verbal communication, particularly Body Language in training sessions.

Principles of Adult Learners
A good site about how adults learn and the principles that govern their learning.

Stages of Group Development
A site with a simple schematic explanation of the Tuckman Stages of Group Development.

Tuckman Stages of Group Development
This site has in the depth explanations of the Tuckman Stages of Group Development.

For more information on EfM trainings, contact us:

#201 - 380 Leathead Road
V1X 2H8

778 - 478 - 8313

E-mail us: EfM Canada

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